Starting and growing a company is hard work.

By partnering with Christine Rose Coaching & Consulting you can lighten your load while experiencing similar results to our past and current clients, including

  • Significant increases in revenues year after year
  • Doubled profitability—or better
  • A stronger, more diverse, better aligned executive team
  • New, strategic vision and plans leading to growth
  • A positive company culture
  • Hiring and retaining top talent
  • New systems supporting productivity and excellent service
  • Engaged, innovative, effective employees
  • A happier, more balanced life.

“Christine Rose is an excellent resource for any business owner looking to grow their skills or who needs some guidance in a new role. I recently made a huge change in my career by buying a business, and knew that I needed someone to help me out with all of the things that I knew I didn’t know. Christine came highly recommended by my network and after working with her I can see why! She is professional, organized, and serious about getting her clients the skills and tools they need to succeed. My firm has started taking the steps we designed in our coaching sessions, and the results have been phenomenal. Staff is enthusiastic, clients are responding positively, and my stress levels are going down. Win-Win-Win. If you are looking for someone to accelerate your success with your business or just need some help managing your team I definitely recommend Christine Rose.”

– Chris Nash, CPA

Executive Coaching Program

Assess your current status, develop skills, and make lasting changes to quickly get the results you want now and in the future. Your company will be able to see measurable ROI.

Core Values Team Coaching

Find and hire A players, coach your team to improve communications, culture and productivity using team members’ CVI™ Profiles, and engage the team for a better future with Core Values Strategies.

Team Psychological Safety Coaching

Research has found that Psychological Safety is the gateway characteristic of effective and innovative teams. Get a clear picture of the current level of psychological safety (PS) in your team culture. Work with us to coach your team to strengthen your culture and advance safety, effectiveness, and innovation.

"Good teams become great ones when the members trust each other enough to surrender the ME for the WE."
- Phil Jackson, one of the world's Top Ten Coaches, NBA Hall of Fame

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