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Community is a powerful environment for learning. Share the coaching experience with your peers. Group members agree to maintain complete confidentiality, and to continue coaching through the entire program. No new members are added after the group forms.

The interactive group format:

Groups may include group coaching, MasterMind work, training on session topic, and “Hot seat” individual coaching. Group members  agree in advance to complete confidentiality and to be fully present and contribute questions or observations when appropriate.

  • Accountability check in on the prior session’s goals.
  • Coaching and learning around session topic.
  • Each session closes with a review of “take aways” – what each member is learning from the coaching session, and actions to be taken before the next session.

Announcing a new MasterMind Coaching Group Series!

Executive Presence with Heart™

How would you change the world if you felt you had the power and savvy to be an exceptional influencer?

Executive presence (EP) can make or break your career and your success in business and in life. For women who want to expand their influence and build successful careers or their companies, EP is essential. While EP alone won’t earn you a promotion or funding for your business, its absence will impede your progress—especially if you’re a woman. A wise person once said  “You never get a second chance to make a first impression. ”  EP is more than a great first impression, it’s a lasting impression based on who you are and how you present yourself.

Why “with Heart”?

Because it’s essential to be genuine – authentically yourself – in every interaction. You’ve heard the expression, I really put my heart into it. The totality of who you are needs to show up in your dealings with others.  Each person brings unique qualities and personality, talents and gifts. No two people are exactly the same. If you bury your heart and what makes you unique in your effort to come across as professional, you cheat the world of your brilliance. When you bring your heart, who you are at the core, to your work, your passion and compassion come through and this adds significantly to your credibility.

The Executive Presence with Heart Coaching Group will help you gain the confidence and savvy to be an influencer while tapping into your truest, most authentic core values and drivers. Join a community of women executives and leaders like yourself for 5 months of deep learning and growth. Strengthen your professional foundation to support your exceptional life and career, and prepare yourself to put your whole heart into changing the world.

This is for successful women in business who are passionate about their personal and professional growth and contribution, and who invest in themselves to make sure it happens. You’re invited to join your peers in an intimate, confidential learning environment to create maximum growth.

Is this your time to

  • Master influence by developing a powerful executive presence?
  • Know yourself deeply and engage your core values and strengths for your highest level of contribution?
  • Show up whole-heartedly as your authentic best in every work situation?
  • Obliterate the obstacles that are keeping you from rising to your highest level professionally and personally?

What would you gain from working with a group of savvy peers to

  • Deepen self-awareness of our core values natures and what drives us
  • Deepen Emotional Intelligence and communication skills
  • Learn the secrets of confidently presenting in front of groups
  • Learn the power of setting and keeping firm boundaries
  • Have self-awareness about how we are showing up in the world: clothing, body language, eye contact
  • Develop mindfulness and start being fully present wherever we are
  • Remove barriers and adopt new, effective habits that help us present our authentic selves with heart
  • Unblock what keeps us from showing up authentically and powerfully both at work and at home. Design your best future

Deepen your influence. Get the support you need to act in alignment with your authentic best self. Learn in the safety of supportive connections in your small group of peers

Included in this MasterMind Group:
• The Core Values Index Assessment to help you understand your unchanging Core Values Nature so you can authentically be all you are at work and at home
• One to One Executive Coach Review of your CVI Assessment results.
• The Core Values Handbook by Lynn Ellsworth Taylor

Read what a client has to say:
With Christine’s help I was able to define my personal values, establish goals (personally and professionally), develop leadership skills and accurately assess my current views and challenges. With coaching I gained support, resources to guide my self-discovery, and much needed accountability and motivation to stay on track. Coaching with Christine gave me confidence to make some very important changes and decisions in my career and life. I love my life! I highly recommend her coaching services to anyone looking to create a positive, meaningful change in their lives. -Lauren Fode, Kirkland, WA

MasterMind Coaching Group Format:

o Small group of FIVE participants MAX on Zoom platform; recordings are included
o Advance assignment: CVI assessment and one to one Executive Coaching Review
o A 10 (bi-weekly) 90-minute group sessions plus three private individual coaching sessions

o Sessions include: Accountability for/celebration of learning and breakthroughs, skills training, group coaching, Q & As and Feedback.

o Hold your space in the next session which begins in April 2019!


Space is limited. Reserve your place today!



Women’s Business Acceleration & Growth MasterMind Group

This  program brings you the creative power of a group of peers and the accountability of a professional business coach in a supportive, objective environment to build your best future, by design. You’ll face your obstacles head on and make better decisions to improve your bottom line.

You will walk away with:

  • An assessment of the current state of your business.

  • Insight into your Core Values Nature and a new tool you can use to better understand your team.

  • Personal and company Mission Statements.

  • Comprehensive Strategic Plan for your company.

  • Your updated, usable Action/Implementation Plan.

  • A new group of peers to be your unofficial “Board of Directors.”

Limited availability!

12 MONTH PROGRAM: We meet online bi-weekly

Session topics include:

  • BIZ  Lab Assessment review. Determine exactly where you are now and exactly what you want to change.
  • Cast a clear vision of where you want to be in 6 and 12 months.
  • Design your Strategic Plan (business and personal) to pave your way to the future of your dreams.
  • Put teeth to your company’s Vision and Strategy – Including smart goals, and milestones to direct your changes.
  • Foundational habits and practices for success.
  • Scaling for growth.
  • Marketing in a changing world.
  • Execution, execution, execution.
  • Hiring A Players.
  • Effective team communications.
  • Financial management.
  • Partnerships and collaboration.
  • and more!

Space is Limited! Reserve Your Place in Women’s Business Acceleration & Growth MasterMind Today!

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