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Small Business Hypergrowth Coaching Partnership

Starting and growing a company is hard work. You’re pressed for time, trying to make more happen with less, constantly moving, possibly shortchanging yourself on sleep, family and other priorities. You’d like greater self-awareness, insight, strategy, organization, systems, processes and accountability to create sustainable changes that will lead to your business’s rapid growth.

By partnering with Christine Rose as your Transformational Business Growth Coach, you can experience similar results to her past and current clients, including

  • Significant increases in revenues year after year
  • Doubled profitability—or better
  • A stronger, more diverse, better aligned executive team
  • New, strategic vision and plans leading to growth
  • A positive company culture
  • New systems supporting productivity and excellent service
  • A tool for smarter hiring and the ability to engage more effective employees
  • A happier, more balanced life.

Business Coaching packages start at $600 and top out at $15,000. The average Business Coaching package is $2,500.

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Executive Coaching Program

You’ve got the raw talent in your organization. Your challenge is to develop, engage and prepare the women and men in your team for the leadership positions you need them to fill. Your employees are experts and strong contributors, and would be able to contribute even more to the team with stronger people skills, soft skills, emotional intelligence, and the ability to manage change, receive feedback, and lead with confidence.
We work with clients to assess current status, and to make changes to quickly get the results they want. Your company will be able to see measurable ROI as your executives develop greater:

• Leadership and interpersonal skills
• Self-Awareness
• Emotional Intelligence
• Adaptability and resilience to change
• Decisiveness and ability to take action
• Executive Presence
• Relationships with team members

Executive Coaching services ranges from $1,000 to $15,000 depending on the length of engagement. The average Executive Coaching client’s package costs $2,500.

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Core Values Team Coaching

What are you doing to avert the Eight Problems Teams Encounter?
1. Absence of team identity. Members may not feel accountable to one another for the team’s objectives. There may be a lack of commitment and effort, a conflict between team goals and members’ personal goals, or poor collaboration.
2. Difficulty making decisions. Team members may be rigidly adhering to their positions during decision-making or repeating the same arguments instead of introducing new information.
3. Poor communication. Team members may interrupt or talk over one another. There may be consistent silence from some members during meetings, allusions to problems but failure to formally address them, or false consensus (everyone nods in agreement without truly agreeing).
4. Inability to resolve conflicts. Conflicts cannot be resolved when there are heightened tensions and team members make personal attacks or aggressive gestures.
5. Lack of participation. Team members fail to complete assignments. There may be poor attendance at team meetings or low energy during meetings.
6. Lack of creativity. The team is unable to generate fresh ideas and perspectives and doesn’t turn unexpected events into opportunities.
7. Groupthink. The team is unwilling or unable to consider alternative ideas or approaches. There is a lack of critical thinking and debate over ideas. This often happens when the team overemphasizes team agreement and unity.
8. Ineffective leadership. Leaders can fail teams by not defining a compelling vision for the team, not delegating, or not representing multiple constituencies.

[Source: Adapted from Leading Teams, Pocket Mentor Series, Harvard Business Press. Originally posted on Harvard Business Review Answer Exchange]

Hiring Christine Rose to coach your team using your team members’ CVI™ Profiles and engage them with Core Values Strategies, will prepare your team members to:

• Grow and develop as a team, strengthening team identity
• Cooperate in making excellent decisions
• Communicate by using the most effective strategy for each situation
• Resolve conflicts by shifting to the Core Value that best fits a situation and by eliminating fear
• Increase energy and participation
• Remain open to new thinking and avoid groupthink
• Maximize contribution by effectively distributing work based on Core Values alignment
• Boost empowerment as diverse team members contribute to the team

Team Coaching packages start at $1,500 and can go to $10,000 depending on the number of team members and length of engagement. The average on-site Team Coaching package is $3,000.

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Are you responsible for hiring great speakers for your next meeting, conference, event, or retreat? Christine Rose provides audiences with actionable ideas with lasting impact. Christine is a Toastmaster (CC/CL) and dynamic speaker for keynotes, workshops, and breakout sessions. With authenticity and humor, she has informed and inspired groups ranging in size from 25 to 400.



  • Life Beyond #Me Too: Embracing a New Normal for your Company’s Culture
  • Innovate! Foster Psychological Safety in Your Team
  • Powerful Women: Rising to Lead
  • Six Keys to THRIVE During Change
  • Creating a Coaching Culture in Your Company
  • Customized topics for your theme


  • She Rises: Empowering Yourself to Lead
  • Life Beyond #MeToo: Turning Tragedy into Triumph
  • The Wind in My Sails: Mentorship and Sponsorship
  • Beyond Beautiful: Designing Your Optimal Future

Faith Communities/Retreats

  • Life Beyond #MeToo: The Power of Forgiveness
  • Coming Home: Reclaiming Faith
  • Shine Your Light: Hope in a Dark World

Depending on the event, distance and length of the engagement, speaking fees typically range from $500 to $3,500.

Enquire about hiring Christine Rose to speak at your event.

I hired Christine to coach me, and then we hired her to coach our entire staff using the CVI. Our team is now trained and using the CVI tool in our daily and weekly management of the company. The results are remarkable. I just renewed my coaching contract.

– Lisa Melroe, Principal, Clear Accounting Solutions, Kirkland, WA

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